Owain George

Our city has an impressive history and was formerly Britain’s second city. It is under the spotlight as one of the few city to vote for an elected mayor. This is our opportunity to make Bristol great again!

I am not linked to any political party, the Council or any other vested interest. I am not a politician, the role of mayor is not a sinecure or a reward for good works, it’s a tough job demanding energy, commitment, experience of the real world and the challenges people face every day. As a genuine independent I can deliver without relying on party favours or business influence.

As a parent whose children attend local schools, I hear what concerns you, and I understand your frustration when the Council fails to deliver. Why haven’t we got an arena; a major sports venue or a transport system that works? These are serious issues which are not being addressed with any urgency.

I have run businesses in Bristol employing local people for over 7 years and I am passionate about our city and what could be achieved if the right people work together for the same things. Having been self-employed all my working life, I’m used to hard work and leading from the front.

As your elected mayor, I will set a clear course for our city’s future, delivering intelligent, practical solutions to ongoing issues with determination and drive. I will bring people of different ages, views and backgrounds together and we will build a Great Bristol.